ALERT:  There is a company creating websites that look like they represent our high school and thousands of high schools across the country.
Please do NOT contribute the their activities.

The website:


is NOT affiliated with PG High School.  In small print, they say are are not affiliated, but everything else on the pages looks like they are official.  The website asks for pictures of students and activities, scanned pages of old yearbooks, directory information, subscription to something called “breaker bucks” and more.  Please do not provide them with information about our schools or students.

They have spent years collecting school names and mascots and in May, began activating the websites.  A typical website had the town name and mascot dot-com.  In our area they include:  carmelpadres.com, gonzalesspartans.com, salinascowboys.com, northsalinasvikings.com and the list goes on and on.

Available now!  Online Registration for PG Adult Education Fall Session

Normal registration can be done online.  If you qualify for a discount (PGUSD Resident or Staff) you can only receive your discount by contacting PG Adult Ed directly to verify residence.
Adult Ed number: 831-646-6580.

Annual Notification of Planned Pesticide Use available here.

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