School Safety

School Safety Plans (by Site)

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Robert Down Elementary School
PG Middle School
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Safety Resources: 

Pacific Grove Police Department School Resource Officer (SRO): Pacific Grove Police Department coordinates and collaborates with PGUSD to assign one SRO to monitor all district school sites. The SRO is trained to work proactively with students and staff. Patrol officers also visit our schools as time allows to build relationships with students and staff.

Mental Health Resources:

This is a Ted Radio Hour podcast where Nancy Lublin talks about the suicide text line 714714.  In the talk she references a website called crisistrends that gives great data about when young people might be experiencing stress and depression.  Link below:

Safe School Plans: Each Safe School Plan (see below) contains immediate crisis response protocols for a variety of emergencies including active-shooter events. These are known as THE BIG FIVE, School Emergency Guidelines.These guidelines are posted in every classroom and in the front office of each school site. They are updated annually by the site Safe School Committee, vetted through the school site council and presented to the Monterey County Office of Education on the first of March each year.

RUN, HIDE, FIGHT: All teachers and administrators have been trained on strategies and procedures in case of an armed intruder. Beginning 2019 school year, this training along with BIG FIVE, School Emergency Guidelines will be expanded to support staff and substitute teachers.

CPR and First Aid: Designated staff at each site is trained in life-saving techniques. In addition, PGUSD employs a district nurse, who offers training in CPR/First Aid each year.

School Counselors and Psychologists: Trained staff is available at each site to support students in need.

Surveillance: Cameras are located in strategic positions inside and outside of our district buildings.

See Something Say Something Campaign: Brightly colored posters in our buildings encourage students and staff to be alert and come forward with any information. [“See Something” Poster]

An anonymous TIP LINE is provided by the PGPD, 831-646-3159, or dial 911 directly.

Monterey County Behavioral Health: PGUSD contracts with this partner to provide additional mental health supports for students in need.

Helpful steps visitors to our schools can follow:
Be prepared to show identification to staff at the school site. Do not get upset if you are asked to show ID or wait for confirmation.

Check into the office immediately; do not go to a room or walk through campus without a visitor badge.

Follow the pick-up and drop-off procedures for your students

Thoroughly read the student handbook for your school, and know our expectations for safety to avoid any confusion.

If there is an emergency, DO NOT come to the school building. Await notification and go directly to the identified location for student reunification.


Discipline Matrix Exhibit 5144 available here: Discipline Matrix Exhibit 5144