K-12 Residency Requirements for the PGUSD Schools.
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(Residency requirements do not apply for Adult Education classes)

To attend the PGUSD schools, a student must live within the district boundary- which generally means within Pacific Grove city limits, or in Pebble Beach between Pacific Grove and the Bird Rock area.  See general map below. (Those between Bird Rock and Carmel should contact the Carmel USD or Monterey Peninsula Unified School District to determine in which district they reside.  Board Policy 5111.1 requires enforcement of the residency requirement.).

For new students to PGUSD, proof of residence must be brought to the school/district office for verification. If you have any questions about residency or where your current or future address lies relative to the boundary, please call the Business Office at 831-646-6517.

There is a process for requesting inter-district transfers that is covered by Board Policy #5117. The policy as of September 2009 is listed below.

The Pacific Grove Unified School District is a “basic aid” school District; therefore the enrollment of children who reside in other Districts brings only a nominal additional amount into the District’s budget, whereas the cost of educating each additional student transferred from another District is the same as if the student lived in the District. It is therefore the District’s general policy not to accept inter-district transfer students who might otherwise be allowed to enroll under Education Code sections 46600 et. seq. or subdivision (f) section 48204 of the Education Code.

1. The District may make exceptions to its general policy in any of the following situations:
a. When the student’s parent/guardian provides written evidence that the family will be moving to the District in the immediate future and would like the student to start the year in the District.
b. When the student is the child of a district employee living outside the district boundaries. This section shall only apply to such employees (certificated, classified, confidential or management) working a minimum of 20 hours per week or 0.5 FTE.

2. The District will consider the following factors in determining whether to admit a student who applies for readmission pursuant to paragraph 1:
a. Whether there is space available to admit the student without upsetting student-teacher ratios,
b. The student’s school record, including any discipline and/or attendance problems, and
c. Whether the student has needs for education which may cost the District more than the District will receive in additional state aid and may cause additional cumulative demands upon District resources.

3. Each student who resides outside the District boundaries and who wishes to attend a school within the District must apply for readmission to the District prior to each school year.

Map below show the general boundary.  Please call the District Office at 831-646-6517 to check a specific address.

PGUSD Boundary Map

PGUSD Boundary Map

There is one Middle School, one standard High School and one Community High School.

There are two Elementary Schools, Forest Grove and Robert Down. Sinex Avenue, west of David Avenue is the boundary between each school’s residences.
If you live south of Sinex (or on the south-side of Sinex itself,) including the District’s portion of Pebble Beach, your students will attend Forest Grove Elementary.
If you live north of Sinex (or on the north-side of Sinex itself,) your students will attend Robert Down Elementary.
The map below shows the general boundary.



If you have any questions about residency or where your current or future address lies relative to the boundary, please call the Business Office at 831-646-6517.