Illuminate Help for Parents

Welcome to the Illuminate Parent Help Page.

Dear Parents/Guardians,
PGUSD has decided to move to Illuminate Education as our official student data management system to better promote and support student and educator success in our school district. We believe that our partnership with Illuminate will facilitate our ability to reach this goal.

A key to understanding what each student needs to achieve success is our ability to quickly identify areas of growth and areas requiring greater focus and support. To this end, being able to make sense of the data is essential; whether reviewing results on state or local assessments, performance on in-class exams, or monitoring behavior and social emotional indicators over time, Illuminate Education offers dynamic tools for all staff members to enter, synthesize, report, and analyze different metrics related to student progress. We envision Illuminate being used to guide our teachers, administrators, and support staff in making evidence-based, data informed decisions using high quality assessments and reporting tools that provide accurate, relevant and timely information. In fact, Illuminate Education’s mission closely aligns with our mission as a school district: Creating tools educators can use to promote student and educator success.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have any questions about Illuminate Education or other related areas of technology use in the district.

Matthew Binder
Director of Educational Technology, PGUSD