Pacific Grove U.S.D. has moved its website to a new server after more than ten years on one computer. This is the home page for our new site. We reorganized department and information pages to distribute responsibilities and provide more opportunities for up-to-date content.

This is a transition so there will be some pages with placeholders as the content is transferred from the old site to this new one.  Some links will take you to pages on the old system, some to new pages.  Menus and links will change frequently as we update from old pages to new ones. If you need information that you cannot locate during the transition, please email the webmaster.

If you had an old link with “www.” in front and it no longer works, you can try changing the “www.” to “pgae.” to view the content on the old pages.

For example:
Old link:

Current link on the old server:

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve communication with our community.